Archello 3.0 introduced a personal stream, improvements in following companies and increased exposure of the Follow button. Since then this has led to a significant increase in the numbers of followers for companies. Some companies have done very well. It is not a surprise two of the most prolific architects are leading the race for the most followers on Archello. Zaha Hadid and Foster+Partners have seen an increase of over 400 followers each since two months ago.  Here are some stats I put together to show the popularity of the companies and the accelerated growth they have seen since 3.0. The expected winner of this race, the first to reach 1,000 in the upcoming months, is Zaha Hadid.  It is no surprise, her PR team are excellent at consistently presenting their projects on Archello and updating the profile. By doing this often Archello’s visitors see the updates and want to discover them in their personal Stream by following the company. Included in the below graphic are Hunter Douglas and HI-MACS. These two building product manufacturers have experienced a surge in followers on Archello. Both are members of Archello and have strong social media marketing strategies. Their products and projects are presented on a frequent basis.