Recently I held a socia media workshop with a client of Archello’s. During the workshop I spoke with some of the sales reps who were managing projects all around the world. My questions to them were what kinds of projects are you working on, with what architects and how are you promoting these projects from the companies side? One of the reps told me he had just finished the Armani hotel in Dubai and they had been working directly with Giorgio Armani. But he had not promoted the project or even thought about promoting the project. I hear this a lot from manufacturers working with some of the best architects and designers in the world. Here I would like to explain why having your own stories about your reference projects is important.


Social Media

To have your own story gives you a great opportunity to announce it on social media. It also gives you the chance to mention and engage with the architects you worked with. On Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you can mention the architects with @. This notifies them you mentioned them in your announcement of the project. On Archello you can list the company as an involved company and in turn they will be invited to add their own story of the project.




A well written project story can really boost your SEO and traffic to your own website. With the right keywords and the right description search engines will index your page higher in their listings. Archello has a good reputation on Google and also having your story on Archello will bring more attention to it. It is very difficult to get your website listed high in Google. Having stories of your projects is the perfect way to increase your Google ranking.




Like the company that had worked with Giorgio Armani, so many companies are working with fantastic architects and designers but no one knows about it. If your company worked with Zaha Hadid, Foster and Partners or even a local architect then other architects want to know about it. They see you as a company that is capable of achieving such projects and can work proactively with the architects.



What makes a good story?

Here is an excellent example of a project story by GIRA:

The story cover these points in order:

- project location

- the user/client

- the architect

- the architecture

-  the user/client specification

- project use

- the product and why that product was chosen

- the building technology and sustainability

The story is written from the company’s point of view, summarises the project and informly tells the reader why their product was used in the project.




Photos of your product in the project are very important. The photos should be taken from the companies perspective and not the architects. Great photos can inspire and influence architects. They are just as important if not more important than the text itself. Here is a good example by Eestairs.


Archello creates content and project stories for a number of high profile clients. Our team of editors are experienced in writing engaging text from the manufacturers point of view. We can also advise on good architectural photographers. If this is interesting for you please send me an email: We can provide a free evalaution of your current content strategy and advies what would be best for your specific company.