The Moscow Urban Forum, an inspiring international platform devoted to the development of megacities and the improvement urban living standards around the world, launches this week. Running from June 30 until July 3, this year’s theme is ‘Fast-Growing Megacities. Technologies of Dynamic Development.’

Many of today’s most intriguing projects achieved in megacities around the world will be presented in Moscow, a city itself on the path towards emerging as one of the world’s most flexible and dynamic megacities. Speakers this year include the acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, as well as the fantastically ambitious urban architect Hani Rashid, founder of Asymptote Bureau NY.


Another headliner we are looking forward to is Knut Sauer, Vice-President of Hyperloop One. Their hyperloop vacuum capsule trains are one of the most ambitious urban transport undertakings of our time, able to carry passengers and cargo at speeds exceeding 1200 km/hr.


Throughout the programme, a multi-disciplinary approach will be struck with leading planners, sociologists, economist, business leaders and current/former mayors of megacities ranging from Beijing to Berlin, who will all be shedding their unique perspectives on today’s most pressing urban issues and topics. You can explore the full programme here.

If you are inspired by cities and the future vibrancy or our urban environments, Moscow is the place to be this week. It is still possible to register.

We will also be bringing highlights throughout the week for those who are unable to make it to Moscow but are inspired by the cutting edge urban dwelling concepts emerging in our planet’s megacities.