Taking place concurrently with Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile.Milano, space&interiors is returning for its second year (April 4-8). This event focuses on architectural materials and finishes while taking an unprecedented and interactive approach to exhibition design. For the 2017 edition, space&interiors is focusing on lightness as its central theme with an exhibit designed and curated by Migliore + Servetto Architects entitled ‘Absolute Lightness’.1_M+S_Space&Interiors_front view

Known for their expressive use of light and technology and superb concepts in exhibition design, Absolute Lightness is one of the exhibits we are most looking forward to during Milan Design Week. We bring you this preview from Migliore + Servetto of what promises to be a unique, multi-sensory and immersive experience of lightness in the built environment.

Absolute Lightness:

Lightness has always played an important role in architecture in terms of the role it plays in sustainability, interaction with other materials and of course, the experience of light itself. The Absolute Lightness exhibit will explore how manufacturers incorporate different concepts of weightlessness into their products, ranging from floors to walls coverings, door handles to windows and more.ABSOLUTE LIGHTNESS_nero su bianco

Spatially, Migliore + Servetto explain Absolute Lightness will take place over three separate levels. The first level occupies a wide central promenade with long white tables. Here, visitors are encouraged to touch and explore materials and products with an interactive App designed specifically for this exhibition.

The second level will feature reflective surfaces that expand the space and give rise to entirely new dimensions. Further, this space will offer a more visual narrative with a variety of quotes, illustrations, and pictures showing how lightness in imbued into products.

The third and final level will offer yet another take on the experience of lightness. Dynamic projects and lighting will make up a complex system with overhead structures jutting out over the tables below. Emphasizing the significance of transitions, the aisles between the tables are highlighted by huge round hovering projections and thin lines of light.

“We have created a narrative space to highlight the stated theme of lightness, which has traditionally been a focus of architecture and, generally speaking, of projects that draw significance from materials and spaces,” architects Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto explain. A glimpse into the experience of what the space will feel like can be found on youtube here.2_M+S_Space&Interiors_side view

What Else Will I See?

In addition to this experience, the Exhibit will include two entirely different, yet tightly integrated areas. This includes a commercial trade show as well as a lounge for private business meetings and events that form part of Milan Design Week 2017. In particular, the lounge will host the return of Archicocktails. Special guests include Fabio Novembre, Luca Molinari, Carlo Lazzarni, Carl Pickering, Afonso Femia, Carla Baratelli, Fabio Rotella and Duccio Grassi.

For more information, visit the space& interiors website.