Our sister company Architectenweb, the  Dutch architecture website, recently carried out a survey of architects and designers in the Netherlands.  The survey produced a number of interesting results. For example, the majority of architects in the Netherlands expect the care sector to be the fastest growing in the next five years. It also indicated that transformation and renovation are the hot themes at the moment.

One question asked which related to specifying products was “how would you best like to request product information?.” The overwhelming answer, for more than 63% of the respondents, was that architects wish to download the information directly.  Only 7.3% of the respondents liked to get product information at trade shows and events.


In response to this research Archello has developed a new Download Catalogue functionality especially for our Connectivity Members. This allows our members to upload their digital product catalogues to their products. Visitors can now download these catalogues directly from Archello.  Every time a visitor downloads a catalogue the member receives an email providing details of this request and download.


If you are a Connectivity Member and have not sent us your catalogues then please do to: dustin.derooij@archello.com. If you are not a Connectivity Member and would like architects to be able to download your product catalogues straight from the product page then please submit your interest here: http://www.archello.com/en/packages-order. We will contact you straight away.