Coming soon, space&interiors is an event entirely devoted to fine architectural finishes. Taking place April 4-8 in Milan, we are looking forward to discovering the latest ‘Made in Italy’ trends. Top manufacturers from the industry will be present and have shared with us a preview of what you can expect to see – from the latest wallpaper designs to floor tiles to doors and fittings.

We start with the Collages wallpaper collection, produced by Omexo and distributed by Effeitalia. Handmade collages of Japanese paper mixed with banana fibres are the eye-catchers in this new wallcovering. Small pieces of paper are glued on a non-woven backing by skilled craftsmen, either to form a stripe, or a random mosaic, enhanced here and there with a glimpse of metallic foil. The visual result is absolutely stunning.

Collages Collection from
Collages Collection from Omexo

The paper collages are combined with non-woven wallcoverings: a printed stone effect and plain structured with sisal fibres. The colours cover a wide range from natural shades of white, ivory, vanilla and pale pink to more earthy colours like rock grey, limestone and even trendy bold colours like fuchsia, cobalt blue, turquoise, twilight lavender, crimson, flashy orange and rust.

Moving from wall to floors, woven vinyl is a growing choice for many leading architects and designers worldwide. Benefits of this covering are not just aesthetic as it offers many other advantages compared to regular carpet. In their latest launch 2tec2 are adding 16 new colours to their Colourful & Play Seamless Tiles collection of woven vinyl floor coverings. Katia Dewitte, Chief Designer of 2tec2 was inspired by a recent trip to an exotic island for these new colours.

Colourful & Play woven vinyl tiles from 2Tec2
Colourful & Play woven vinyl tiles from 2Tec2

Another key feature of space&interiors is the latest in doors and door fittings. Salice Paolo will be bringing one of the richest selection of classic handles and accessories entirely made of

Salice Paolo will be bringing one of the richest selection of classic handles and accessories entirely made of brass and will be introducing their new Timeless range. It’s a high-end collection that aims to offer a complete system in a variety of styles.

Timeless Collection from Salice Paolo
Timeless Collection from Salice Paolo

High and special performance doors are another key area at space&interiors. Jansen will present their systems Jansen Janisol and Jansen Economy for doors. Strikingly modern in appearance, this new system allows fully glazed windows to achieve impressively high strength values.

Contemporary high performance doors from Jansen
Contemporary high-performance doors from Jansen

Further to this, Vighi Security Doors will launch their Ventesimosecolo Collection. Lending a unique aesthetic finish to security doors, their design process involves architects, artists and interior designers.

Vighi Security Doors bring colour, geometric and high aesthetic finishes
Vighi Security Doors bring colour, geometry and high aesthetic finishes

For more of the latest designs in architectural finishings, be sure to check back regularly as we bring you live coverage of this showcase event.