About Raigino Leal

Raigino Leal Visual Designer at Archello.com

Hi all,

I am the head designer at Archello and this is my first post on the blog.

I would like to explain a little about the redesign of Archello’s icon. After many internal discussions we decided our icon, but not our logo, needed a refresh. To change our logo requires a whole new branding strategy, which we believe was not necessary. We designed the new icon to coincide with the launch of Archello 3.0.

The Old Icon

The old icon contained the two H’s, found in the Archello logo. This was originally designed to compliment the logo, as a sort of side kick. Since then, in my opinion, the icon has become as equal to or more important than the logo of a brand. The icon has overall a greater exposure; on social media, as a favicon and as an app icon. Most of the social media channels name the brand using their own style and text, therefore the name of the brand is not necessary in the icon. It is also not necessary to create an icon that directly compliments the logo. The most important opportunity for the icon is to create something that is memorable, which relates to the brand and is appreciated by your audience.


The New Icon

The new icon looks very simple but before we finalised on this design at least 20 versions were made. This allowed us to experiment and see what worked best with a number of different test persons. It is kept simple for the main reason that it needs to be recognizable even when scaled to 16×16 px as a favicon. The Archello colour scheme is emphasized, the Archello blue is strongly used as the background colour. The long shadow was introduced for a number of reasons. It raises from the bottom like a skyscraper, relating to architecture. It represents movement and progression, Archello aims to present all the world’s latest projects and products. The design is contemporary and progressive, like Archello’s content.


If you have any feedback or comments, I would love to hear them.