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  Mark Studholme Editor-in-Chief at Archello.com

Manufacturers are becoming much more aware of the need for good quality content related to their products, services and importantly their reference projects. This content can be used to share across social media, SEO and in print. Here are some interesting facts why:


The major search engines are focussing on creating the best possible user experience, which means sites that offer relevant information stand to gain the most visibility. Investing in original, quality content creation is essential to SEO success. Social network marketing has in past years become as important as SEO. Quality content shared on social media has a higher virality and claims your company’s niche in the industry. In the architecture and design industry every company has their story to tell about their products but also about their reference projects. Who did this company work with to create this project? Why did they choose to work with them? What specialties did they bring to the project? These are all the questions architects, designers and specifiers ask for when looking to work with a company that can supply them with the expertise and products they need.

At Archello we have over 4 years experience developing this kind of content for special clients. We have decided to open these services to our members and explain what we offer below.

Project stories.

There is a reason why architects chose to work with your company on a certain project. Other architects want to know this reason. This is why it is so important to write interesting project stories from your companies point of view. What products were used and why were they used? Why is this project significant for your company? We can help you create these stories, with the right keywords relevant to your company and interesting for architects to read. These stories can be used in your own communication, on Archello and website.


Social media posts.

Social media posts need to inspire and inform. They should be short and attention grabbing. Understanding what your followers want to see and read is key to an effective social media strategy. With over 4 years experience in managing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr accounts for Archello, architects and a number of high end manufacturers such as FLOS and 3FORM, we can help put together the most effective posts aimed at architects and designers.


An example of a good project story.

The recently completed Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan, has not only been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Awards, but has also been selected as a finalist for the Inside 2013 interior  design awards. The spectacular new cultural centre impresses both by its sheer scale and its innovative design. Named after the third president of Azerbaijan, the governmentcommissioned building was designed by renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

Acting as a vibrant meeting place, which houses an auditorium, exhibition areas and various public spaces, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre has already become an important force in local cultural life. With its white curving forms, it is a distinct landmark in the urban landscape, while the centre’s arts and events programme contributes to a better understanding and the strengthening of Azerbaijani culture.

Hadid insisted on working with Bolidt on this project. The centre features 15,000m2 of Bolidtop® 525, spread over the vast floor area of the het five-storeyed building. The design concept with its flowing white lines is continued in the interior. The glazed facades of the building allow natural light to flood the interior spaces, which complemented by elegant strips of white neon on the ceiling, adds extra lustre to the immaculately white Bolidt flooring.

Because of the great number of visitors and activities at the centre, Bolidt has installed sound-damping floors in several spaces. Bolidt has specifically developed the Bolidtop® 525 Combi system for the museum sector, one of the many specific sectors that Bolidt supplies with specialist solutions. All the systems in the Bolidtop® range are non slip, wear resistant and extremely durable, allowing het Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre to focus on surprising its guests with highquality cultural offer for many years to come. Bolidt will continue to focus on the worldwide application of its flooring systems.

By Bolidt flooring working with Zaha Hadid on a project in Azerbaijan.



If your company is interested in us writing your project stories and creating content please do get in touch. We can help you with creating an effective content creation strategy.

Contact Tom Kolnaar (tom.kolnaar@archello.com) tel:+31 (0)35 – 699 30 55



Next year we have an exciting development for Archello members. Soon you will be able to view your company profile analytics and generate reports from these numbers. This has been one of the most requested developments by our clients. We believe it will help not just you but also us in understanding how we can help you present a complete and effective profile on Archello. Here is a teaser of how the analytics will look. This functionality is only available to Connectivity members or higher. If you are not a Connectivity member or higher and would like to see these reports early 2014 then you can request to upgrade your profile here: http://www.archello.com/en/page/upgrade



We would like to welcome some of our new members to Archello. All of which are known for working with some of the world’s best architects and producing high end building products.


Leicht (sponsor) - http://www.archello.com/en/leicht

A world leader in kitchen design and manufacturing. They have an extensive portfolio of projects many of them already published on Archello.



USM (gold)http://www.archello.com/en/usm

Producer of the famous modular storage system Haller. USM designed and produce one of the design classics of the past century and it is still as modern and relevant as ever.



Steelcase (platinum)http://www.archello.com/en/steelcase

In their own words “Steelcase has been bringing human insight to business by studying how people work, wherever they work.” Steelcase produce furniture for the contract market all around the world.



Cosentino (sponsor)http://www.archello.com/en/cosentino

Based in Spain, Cosentino is the name behind global market brands for quarts surfaces such as Silestone the nati-bacterial quartz worktop.



Recently I held a socia media workshop with a client of Archello’s. During the workshop I spoke with some of the sales reps who were managing projects all around the world. My questions to them were what kinds of projects are you working on, with what architects and how are you promoting these projects from the companies side? One of the reps told me he had just finished the Armani hotel in Dubai and they had been working directly with Giorgio Armani. But he had not promoted the project or even thought about promoting the project. I hear this a lot from manufacturers working with some of the best architects and designers in the world. Here I would like to explain why having your own stories about your reference projects is important.


Social Media

To have your own story gives you a great opportunity to announce it on social media. It also gives you the chance to mention and engage with the architects you worked with. On Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you can mention the architects with @. This notifies them you mentioned them in your announcement of the project. On Archello you can list the company as an involved company and in turn they will be invited to add their own story of the project.




A well written project story can really boost your SEO and traffic to your own website. With the right keywords and the right description search engines will index your page higher in their listings. Archello has a good reputation on Google and also having your story on Archello will bring more attention to it. It is very difficult to get your website listed high in Google. Having stories of your projects is the perfect way to increase your Google ranking.




Like the company that had worked with Giorgio Armani, so many companies are working with fantastic architects and designers but no one knows about it. If your company worked with Zaha Hadid, Foster and Partners or even a local architect then other architects want to know about it. They see you as a company that is capable of achieving such projects and can work proactively with the architects.



What makes a good story?

Here is an excellent example of a project story by GIRA: http://www.archello.com/en/project/villa-kogelhof-kamperland/1364475

The story cover these points in order:

- project location

- the user/client

- the architect

- the architecture

-  the user/client specification

- project use

- the product and why that product was chosen

- the building technology and sustainability

The story is written from the company’s point of view, summarises the project and informly tells the reader why their product was used in the project.




Photos of your product in the project are very important. The photos should be taken from the companies perspective and not the architects. Great photos can inspire and influence architects. They are just as important if not more important than the text itself. Here is a good example by Eestairs.


Archello creates content and project stories for a number of high profile clients. Our team of editors are experienced in writing engaging text from the manufacturers point of view. We can also advise on good architectural photographers. If this is interesting for you please send me an email: mark.studholme@archello.com. We can provide a free evalaution of your current content strategy and advies what would be best for your specific company.


Archello 3.0 introduced a personal stream, improvements in following companies and increased exposure of the Follow button. Since then this has led to a significant increase in the numbers of followers for companies. Some companies have done very well. It is not a surprise two of the most prolific architects are leading the race for the most followers on Archello. Zaha Hadid and Foster+Partners have seen an increase of over 400 followers each since two months ago.  Here are some stats I put together to show the popularity of the companies and the accelerated growth they have seen since 3.0. The expected winner of this race, the first to reach 1,000 in the upcoming months, is Zaha Hadid.  It is no surprise, her PR team are excellent at consistently presenting their projects on Archello and updating the profile. By doing this often Archello’s visitors see the updates and want to discover them in their personal Stream by following the company. Included in the below graphic are Hunter Douglas and HI-MACS. These two building product manufacturers have experienced a surge in followers on Archello. Both are members of Archello and have strong social media marketing strategies. Their products and projects are presented on a frequent basis.


Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Our events channel on Archello has really taken off, since its introduction over 200 worldwide architecture and design events have been profiled on the channel.  Our team actively seek media partnerships with the best of these events.  I am proud to announce a number of events below that we have recently become media partners with. If you are exhibiting at any of these events please contact our editorial team editorial@archello.com and they will make sure you are listed as an exhibitor. If you are attending any of these events you can indicate so on the events page. It’s looking like it will be a great year of fantastic events.


Tallinn Architecture Biennale



TAB is an architecture festival with a diverse programme, which encourages the synergy between Estonian- and foreign architects as well as between architects and the general public by way of creating contacts and exchanging ideas. The topic of this year’s Biennale – “Recycling Socialism” – unfolds and studies socialist and modernist spaces and ideas.

Tallinn Architecture Biennale


The World Interiors Meeting 



The World Interiors Meeting 2013 is the first international congress specifically dedicated to interior architecture and design. Interior professionals from all over the globe come to Amsterdam to meet and debate the past, present and future of interiors. World Interiors Meeting is primarily aimed at international professionals working in or related to the interiors discipline; interior architects, interior designers, architects, designers, conservationists, historians, curators, producers, suppliers, educators and researchers get together for three days.

World Interiors Meeting 2013





BIFE-SIM is the main meeting point with industry specialists: new partners or clients. During the 5-day show, you have the amazing opportunity to interact with a large number of visitors and to set the ground for the most profitable business deals. BIFE-SIM brings together the manufacturers, importers and distributors of furniture and equipment or accessories.



100% design London



This year’s visual concept and show theme – Creative Balance – provides the exhibition’s visual identity and an exploration of creative process and its value in the commercial world. Following last year’s success, the curation of the show will again focus on four industry sectors, each arranged around a central ‘hub’ – Interiors, Office, Kitchen & Bathroom, Eco Design & Build – creating clear navigation for visitors. The hubs will showcase the work of thought-leaders across the design community with space to meet, learn and be inspired.

100 design London





designjunction, which last year attracted more than 17,000 visitors, will showcase the very best in furniture, lighting and product design from around the world, presenting an edited selection of leading global brands and emerging enterprises. designjunction showcases design against a stunning industrial backdrop, striking a balance between creative and commercial, while offering a much-needed alternative to the traditional trade show.



The Emirates Glass LEAF Awards



Now in its tenth year, the Emirates Glass LEAF Awards honour the architects designing the buildings and solutions that are setting the benchmark for the international architectural community. This year, we will be celebrating the best that global architecture has to offer and hope to see you on the 20th of September when we announce our 2013 winners.

the Emirates Glass LEAF Awards


IIDEX Canada



As Canada’s largest National Design + Architecture Expo and Conference, IIDEX Canada brings together over 15,000 interior designers, architects, facility managers, real estate and business executives in a national forum which powers the design industry in Canada. During two action packed days in September, IIDEX Canada’s 350 exhibitors showcase hundreds of innovative products and services, from all areas of design – workplace, hospitality, retail, healthcare, lighting and sustainable design, while our CEU accredited international conference program ensures attendees receive expert advice on the issues shaping this rapidly changing industry.

IIDEX Canada 2013


World Architecture Festival



World Architecture Festival is the largest annual festival and live awards programme for the global architecture community. At the festivals around 200 shortlisted projects compete for awards in 20-30 categories. More than 1,600 architects from 60 different countries are expected to attend the World Architecture Festival. More than 300 projects from 50 countries made the official 2013 shortlist.

World Architecture Festival


Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2013



Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) is a biannual film festival screening films, shorts, animations and documentaries about architecture, urban development and city culture. The architecture friendly city of Rotterdam is the natural host if the film festival. The festival is characterized as a small, open minded and informal film festival for both architects and laymen.

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2013


Lodz Design Festival



Lodz Design Festival is an event which, since its creation in 2007, has been the ground for thought and experience exchange for artistic circles who identify with design in general, and for business. The festival presents design in its various modes – starting from industrial design, through arts and crafts, graphic design, architecture, up to fashion. The key point of Lodz Design Festival is always a thematic main programme consisting of curator exhibitions. It is developed and completed by open and varied range of accompanying events.

Lodz Design Festival


International Green Building Expo – China 2013



IGB Expo 2013 is an exclusive platform to lead the rapid development of green building and energy efficiency industry and it aims to showcase the many different eco-friendly and energy savings products and services from conceptualization, design and to implementation. Products and services includes heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, building exteriors, renewable energy, interior design and renovation, power distribution system etc. The exhibition will focus on the display of green labels ,building energy-saving new technology and new materials.

International Green Building Expo-China 2013



Our sister company Architectenweb, the  Dutch architecture website, recently carried out a survey of architects and designers in the Netherlands.  The survey produced a number of interesting results. For example, the majority of architects in the Netherlands expect the care sector to be the fastest growing in the next five years. It also indicated that transformation and renovation are the hot themes at the moment.

One question asked which related to specifying products was “how would you best like to request product information?.” The overwhelming answer, for more than 63% of the respondents, was that architects wish to download the information directly.  Only 7.3% of the respondents liked to get product information at trade shows and events.


In response to this research Archello has developed a new Download Catalogue functionality especially for our Connectivity Members. This allows our members to upload their digital product catalogues to their products. Visitors can now download these catalogues directly from Archello.  Every time a visitor downloads a catalogue the member receives an email providing details of this request and download.


If you are a Connectivity Member and have not sent us your catalogues then please do to: dustin.derooij@archello.com. If you are not a Connectivity Member and would like architects to be able to download your product catalogues straight from the product page then please submit your interest here: http://www.archello.com/en/packages-order. We will contact you straight away.



We’re introducing one themed collection every week to be curated by a leading architect or curator in their field. So far our guest curators have been MVRDV, A10 Magazine and FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise. Listed in order they curated collections on Young Dutch Talent, Visionary Lofts and Los Arquitectos Mexicanos.

The three collections so far.

The aim of each collection is to provide an online exhibition of projects and/or products that best represent a current trend or theme in the industry of architecture and design. Some examples of upcoming collections are: Parametricism Takes Over, Robots Building Stuff and Made in China. Watch out for these coming up this year.

Every week the Archello editorial team sits down to discuss what they think are current trends. Once we decide a collection we then go about selecting a curator. The criteria for each curator is that they must be a leader in their field which is related to the theme. For example an upcoming collection titled “Interactive Lighting” is to be curated by Studio Roosegaarde, who in 2012 won the Media Architecture Award. This does not mean that we only choose well known designers or journalists to be curators. In fact we’re aiming to balance well known designers with some great up and coming thinkers.

Previously Archello’s editors curated the weekly collections. We decided to replace this with real experts. Archello is a platform where the content is generated by our thousands of users. We felt it was only right that the collections were also curated by our users, instead of Archello’s editors.  Now the editorial team is the go between and researcher for each curator.

Collections on homepage

With each collection the curator provides a short editorial, giving an insight to their choice of projects and/or products. It is also an opportunity for them to highlight areas of development and critique.

We’d like to invite designers, architects, journalists and experts to get in touch if they would like to curate a collection. Please email editorial@archello.com with a suggested theme for curation. We would love to hear from you.


Today is an accumulation of 1 and a half years work by the Archello team. We’re very proud to announce Archello 3.0, the new way to discover architecture and design.

More information will follow by me and the team. For the time being here is our press release…


The new way to discover architecture and design


 Archello 3.0 introduces a personal curated stream of projects and products from the world’s architects and designers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 2, 2013 - Archello (www.archello.com), the platform for architecture and design, has introduced a number of new features to the site.  Users can now curate their own stream of projects and products from their favourite companies in the industry.  Bookmarking their favourite content is now possible, so that users can refer back to it for inspiration or use in their own projects. Each week a collection based on a current theme in the industry will be presented on the site and curated by a distinguished  person or practice.

The Stream - More than 27,500 companies use Archello to present their work – from world renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, MVRDV and SOM to building manufacturers such as Interface, FLOS and MOSA. Users can ‘follow’ them and receive their latest updates in their personal ‘stream’ which performs like a newsfeed.

 “The Stream allows users to take the best bits from Arc­­­hello’s global platform and put them on a personal and local level. For example, they can now follow companies in their country and get a stream of only regional projects and products.” - Martijn Postmus, CEO


Bookmarks – A new bookmarking functionality has been implemented. Whilst browsing the platform users can bookmark their favourite content for future reference. This can be used by creatives when looking for inspiration and solutions.


Curated Collections – Each week Archello’s editorial team will select a current theme in the industry and ask a curator from a distinguished firm or specialism to provide a selection of projects or products to present an informed outlook on that theme. A short editorial by the curator will compliment the collection. Example collections are: Ultra Minimal Japan, Interactive Lighting and Printed Façades. The first collection is curated by MVRDV, titled ‘Young Dutch Talent’. Link to first collection:  http://www.archello.com/en/stories?tag=Young%20Dutch%20Talent


Notes to editors
Archello is the platform for architecture and design, where you can discover and present the world’s projects and products. Archello’s mission is to connect the whole built environment and make the industry more transparent and efficient. The company is the sister company to Architectenweb, the largest website for architecture in the Netherlands.


Press images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xw2mr9hgavmdbpp/UeOnk1mtfR

URL: http://www.archello.com/en

Press contact: Mark Studholme, + 31 (0) 35 699 30 55, mark.studholme@archello.com

A selection of media partners: A.Mag, CityVision, Objekt, Architectenweb, Workshop, Ventura Lambrate, NeoCon, Materia, 100% Design, LEAF Awards, IIDEX Canada, Habitat Expo, Architect@work

A selection of sponsors: Interface, Tata Steel, Flos, Rockfon, Rockwool, Fakro, TATA Steel, Renson, ARCO, Espero, Gira, Schuco,  Rockpanel, Forbo, Hunter Douglas





Archello was created as an open platform, where anyone can join and present their projects and products. Openness is important to us. Therefore we have created a blog where the Archello team will communicate their ideas, explain developments and offer thoughts on the Architecture and Design industry.  We would like feedback from you on our posts, so please let us know what you think in the comments.

To make things easy we have created four categories:

Communicating Architecture and Design

Developments in social media, trade shows and blogs has changed the way companies in architecture and design communicate. We will be highlighting different methods of communication  in the industry from the significance of events such as Ventura Lambrate to how one architect got over 1 million Facebook likes.



We often get questions such as: what makes a good profile on Archello? how does my project or product get featured? Or how can I get the best out of Archello? Here we will introduce examples of effective profiles, projects, products and people.


New stuff we’ve implemented

Archello is never out of BETA mode. There is always a new development round the corner. We want to inform you about these new developments, why we made these developments and ask what would you like?


The Collections

Every week Archello’s curatorial team creates a collection of projects and/or products based on a current trend or insight in the industry. These collections aim to inspire and inform. Our curatorial team will provide an editorial on each collection. This will also include insights into the collection for example interviews with guest curators.


So here it goes. We want to hear from you, maintain the openness and one day we will fulfill our mission:

“To connect the whole built environment and make the industry more transparent and efficient.”