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Archello How Its Made Exhibit Travels to World Design Summit

Coming to the World Design Summit in Montreal this October 16-25, Archello’s new ‘How It’s Made’ exhibit will reveal the materials, products and technological innovations behind today’s most imaginative architecture projects in a unique and tangible way.

This new exhibit draws from Archello’s online How It’s Made series, which features multiple stories around a project coming from the architect to the manufacturer. At the How It’s Made exhibit, you can experience these stories in real life. Alongside a reference project, a sample of each feature material or product used is shown, allowing you to touch, feel and see how it can be directly applied and realized in a built project.

Carefully curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar and the Archello team, the How It’s Made exhibit travels to top architect and design events around the globe. The exhibit recently featured at the ARCHITECT@WORK Toronto exhibition.


Next stop will be World Design Summit in Montreal where the How It’s Made exhibit will headline alongside 1000 speakers and 30 key lecturers with an anticipated audience of over 30,000 professionals.

If you have any questions about the exhibit you can contact Tom Kolnaar at



Contemporary Style and Fantastic Finishes at space&interiors 2017

Coming soon, space&interiors is an event entirely devoted to fine architectural finishes. Taking place April 4-8 in Milan, we are looking forward to discovering the latest ‘Made in Italy’ trends. Top manufacturers from the industry will be present and have shared with us a preview of what you can expect to see – from the latest wallpaper designs to floor tiles to doors and fittings.

We start with the Collages wallpaper collection, produced by Omexo and distributed by Effeitalia. Handmade collages of Japanese paper mixed with banana fibres are the eye-catchers in this new wallcovering. Small pieces of paper are glued on a non-woven backing by skilled craftsmen, either to form a stripe, or a random mosaic, enhanced here and there with a glimpse of metallic foil. The visual result is absolutely stunning.

Collages Collection from

Collages Collection from Omexo

The paper collages are combined with non-woven wallcoverings: a printed stone effect and plain structured with sisal fibres. The colours cover a wide range from natural shades of white, ivory, vanilla and pale pink to more earthy colours like rock grey, limestone and even trendy bold colours like fuchsia, cobalt blue, turquoise, twilight lavender, crimson, flashy orange and rust.

Moving from wall to floors, woven vinyl is a growing choice for many leading architects and designers worldwide. Benefits of this covering are not just aesthetic as it offers many other advantages compared to regular carpet. In their latest launch 2tec2 are adding 16 new colours to their Colourful & Play Seamless Tiles collection of woven vinyl floor coverings. Katia Dewitte, Chief Designer of 2tec2 was inspired by a recent trip to an exotic island for these new colours.

Colourful & Play woven vinyl tiles from 2Tec2

Colourful & Play woven vinyl tiles from 2Tec2

Another key feature of space&interiors is the latest in doors and door fittings. Salice Paolo will be bringing one of the richest selection of classic handles and accessories entirely made of

Salice Paolo will be bringing one of the richest selection of classic handles and accessories entirely made of brass and will be introducing their new Timeless range. It’s a high-end collection that aims to offer a complete system in a variety of styles.

Timeless Collection from Salice Paolo

Timeless Collection from Salice Paolo

High and special performance doors are another key area at space&interiors. Jansen will present their systems Jansen Janisol and Jansen Economy for doors. Strikingly modern in appearance, this new system allows fully glazed windows to achieve impressively high strength values.

Contemporary high performance doors from Jansen

Contemporary high-performance doors from Jansen

Further to this, Vighi Security Doors will launch their Ventesimosecolo Collection. Lending a unique aesthetic finish to security doors, their design process involves architects, artists and interior designers.

Vighi Security Doors bring colour, geometric and high aesthetic finishes

Vighi Security Doors bring colour, geometry and high aesthetic finishes

For more of the latest designs in architectural finishings, be sure to check back regularly as we bring you live coverage of this showcase event.

The latest architectural finishes coming to space&interiors 2017 in Milan

Taking place April 4-8 2017 in Milan, space&interiors is a unique exhibition concept focused on contemporary architectural finishes. At this event, a curated selection of the latest materials for floors, walls and countertops, along with doors and windows by a range of manufacturers will make their debut to the market. We invite you to explore below a preview of some of the manufacturers who will be at this year’s edition of space&interiors, along with a sneak preview glimpse of the new innovations they plan to present.

We beginning with innovative new materials for floors. The Floridi Group, in partnership with Fewood are known in the industry as specialists in high-quality digital printing and screen printing for interior design applications. One of their latest innovations is the customization of parquet flooring with cutting-edge treatments and printing techniques.

Metallic print parquet URUK from Floridi Group

Metallic print parquet URUK from Floridi Group

Two of the new lines they will showcase at space&interiors are URUK and ENKIDU. The URUK line is characterized by the application of metallic laminates in various colours and effects to parquet wooden floors. Thanks to the technique of the application, a realistic vintage effect can also be achieved.

Metallic print parquet URUK from Floridi Group

Metallic print parquet URUK from Floridi Group

The ENKIDU line uses similar technology to offer a wide range of customizable graphics from sand to seabed, grass to lava, geometric prints, animal prints, etc.

Crocodile print parquet from Floridi Group

Crocodile print parquet from Floridi Group

Another material innovation to be presented is Polaris from Abet Laminati. Ideal for surfaces in the kitchen, this material is warm and velvety soft to the touch while also providing a high-spec performance that includes anti-bacterial properties as well as resistance to scratches, heat, and fingerprints. It is available in a range of different tones that create a variety of subtle yet beautiful effects.

Polaris from Abet Laminati

Polaris from Abet Laminati


Polaris from Abet Laminati

Polaris from Abet Laminati

Tailor Made Contract, a network of seven highly specializes in high-quality finishes and furnishes will also be present. Combining craft and experience, these entrepreneurs are notable in the architectural finishes work for an ability to apply their artisan abilities an industrial scale, merging tradition with creativity. At space&interiors they will be presenting their latest Made In Italy products in the sectors of upholstery, flooring, window treatments, marble, metal and wood. Below is a mood board they have created in advance of space&interiors to illustrate their productive capacity.

Mood board from Tailor Made Contract

Mood board from Tailor Made Contract

In addition to materials and finishes, the latest in architecturally designed doors and windows will also be featured at space&interiors. In particular, security doors that combine the highest of security performance with contemporary design will feature.

Oikos for example with presentSynua, an entry security door with pivoting operation for large dimensions. On one side, it has a rust corten laminar finish and on the other side a light blue lacquer finish. It will be presented with Arckey, a new electronic lock system that can be managed by means of a smartphone.

Security door innovation: Synua from Oikos

Security door innovation: Synua from Oikos

Okey will also be present with their latest generation of the security door – TAGtronic star AP – which features a patterned 3mm steel plate installed over the entire outer surface of the leaf’s double-sheeted body. An exclusive internal insulation system enables excellent thermal transmittance and soundproofing performance.

Security door innovation: TAG tronic star HP from Okey

Security door innovation: TAG tronic star HP from Okey

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more presentations of exclusive new materials and products to be presented at space&interiors and of course, watch this space for our live coverage of this event April 4-8 in Milan.

A Joyful Sense of Work: UNStudio and SCAPE Feature at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

Can your workspace adapt to your stress levels? At the 2017 edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano (April 4-9), UNStudio and SCAPE have joined forces with a multidisciplinary team of experts to answer this question with their Responsive Emotional Transformation (RESET) pod, one of the four exhibitions comprising ‘Work 3.0 – A Joyful Sense of Work.’ ©SCAPE_Visitor Flow

Designed to empower people to deal with stress more effectively, the aim of the RESET pod is to determine through the experience of visitors during this year’s Salone which stress reduction methods work best for different individuals. Its purpose within the within the workplace will be demonstrated and the benefits for office workers will be investigated and presented.Sound-Intimacy renderings copy

An immersive structure, the pod incorporates input from a neuroscientist, technologist/interaction design and an ambient intelligent technology integrator.

What is Ambient Intelligence (AmI)?

Ambient intelligence refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. By linking biosensors to the physical space, the experiment tests what types of responsiveness can provide value to people. Here, the encapsulated space of RESET integrates sensors that will trace visitors’ response to the stress reduction experiences and provide real-time ‘factual’ feedback. Two of six scientifically proven stress reduction methods have been selected for the purpose of the exhibition at the Salone. Visitors will be invited to experience and test the active versus passive experience.

Why Design Matters?

Work-related stress is the second most frequently reported work-related heath problem in Europe. Stress is in fact a factor in 50 to 60% of all lost work days (According to the European Risk Observatory Report, 2015, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work). Withinout prevention, stress in the work environment will no doubt continue to be a huge financial burden on the overall healthcare system – affecting not only companies, schools, governmental institutions and most of all, people’s quality of life.

Using design to benefit human health on multiple levels is one of the most important things that architecture can contribute”, Ben van Berkel of UNStudio says.“Stress is one of the essential issues we need to tackle in today’s workplace.”

In addition to UNStudio and SCAPE, this project was developed thank to a multidisciplinary team involving Dr. Teresa de Sanctis (PhD Neuroscientist/experience design and optimisation), Jurjen Söhne (Ambient Intelligence technology integration) and Diederik Veelo (Technologist/Interaction design).Reset_Exterior_UNStudio_Scape4

Sound-Intimacy renderings copyFor more information about Salone del Mobile.Milano, visit the website here.

Migliore + Servetto Architects present Absolute Lightness, an exhibit at space&interiors 2017 (Milan, Apr 4-8)

Taking place concurrently with Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile.Milano, space&interiors is returning for its second year (April 4-8). This event focuses on architectural materials and finishes while taking an unprecedented and interactive approach to exhibition design. For the 2017 edition, space&interiors is focusing on lightness as its central theme with an exhibit designed and curated by Migliore + Servetto Architects entitled ‘Absolute Lightness’.1_M+S_Space&Interiors_front view

Known for their expressive use of light and technology and superb concepts in exhibition design, Absolute Lightness is one of the exhibits we are most looking forward to during Milan Design Week. We bring you this preview from Migliore + Servetto of what promises to be a unique, multi-sensory and immersive experience of lightness in the built environment.

Absolute Lightness:

Lightness has always played an important role in architecture in terms of the role it plays in sustainability, interaction with other materials and of course, the experience of light itself. The Absolute Lightness exhibit will explore how manufacturers incorporate different concepts of weightlessness into their products, ranging from floors to walls coverings, door handles to windows and more.ABSOLUTE LIGHTNESS_nero su bianco

Spatially, Migliore + Servetto explain Absolute Lightness will take place over three separate levels. The first level occupies a wide central promenade with long white tables. Here, visitors are encouraged to touch and explore materials and products with an interactive App designed specifically for this exhibition.

The second level will feature reflective surfaces that expand the space and give rise to entirely new dimensions. Further, this space will offer a more visual narrative with a variety of quotes, illustrations, and pictures showing how lightness in imbued into products.

The third and final level will offer yet another take on the experience of lightness. Dynamic projects and lighting will make up a complex system with overhead structures jutting out over the tables below. Emphasizing the significance of transitions, the aisles between the tables are highlighted by huge round hovering projections and thin lines of light.

“We have created a narrative space to highlight the stated theme of lightness, which has traditionally been a focus of architecture and, generally speaking, of projects that draw significance from materials and spaces,” architects Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto explain. A glimpse into the experience of what the space will feel like can be found on youtube here.2_M+S_Space&Interiors_side view

What Else Will I See?

In addition to this experience, the Exhibit will include two entirely different, yet tightly integrated areas. This includes a commercial trade show as well as a lounge for private business meetings and events that form part of Milan Design Week 2017. In particular, the lounge will host the return of Archicocktails. Special guests include Fabio Novembre, Luca Molinari, Carlo Lazzarni, Carl Pickering, Afonso Femia, Carla Baratelli, Fabio Rotella and Duccio Grassi.

For more information, visit the space& interiors website.

Be The First To See The Latest at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

Live from Milan, the capital of design, the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will take place April 4-9, 2017 at the Fiera Milano Rho. This year there will be a new format for the classic exhibition section, along with several exciting events including A Joyful Sense of Work, an exploration of the latest concepts for the contemporary workplace with designs from O+A Studio, UNStudio and more.

About The Salone del Mobile.Milano

The Salone del Mobile.Milano is truly a sectoral benchmark and must-see event for lovers of design. It takes place concurrently with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0and SaloneSatellite. Each year, ‘the Salone’ as it is known attracts more than 300,000 visitors from 165 countries who are treated to a comprehensive showcase of design that ranges from furnishings to lighting to ideas for the workspace. On average, over 5000 journalists travel to Milan to capture the latest at this industry leading event.Key to the Italian design sector, the Salone del Mobile is supported by The Italian Trade Agency (ICE) as well as the FederlengoAredo Eventi Study Centre. The Italian communication slogan is ‘Be The First to See the Latest,’ a confirmation of the important role the Salone plays in Italian industry.

DeLightFul: An event at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

DeLightFul: An event at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

What’s New This Year:

This year, the Salone is introducing a new format for the presentation of classic furniture and furnishing accessories. Under the headline Classic: Tradition in the Future, Pavilions and 2 and 4 will house a fluid layout with a central promenade that draws visitors into spaces that demonstrate the value of traditional craftsmanship and the skill necessary for the production of classic furniture and objects. Within the space, there will also be a short film presented by award-winning director Matteo Garrone, as well as a one exhibited called Before Design: Classic, which is based on a well-received project presented from the 2016 edition of the event.

Alongside the Salone and its 4 concurrent exhibitions, there will be several events. A Joyful Sense of Work, curated by Cristiana Cutrona will explore evolving ideas about the workplace of the future. Four installations, from America,Asia and Europe will be presented by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander/Studio O+A (USA), Arash Ahmadi/Ahmadi Studio (Iran), Ben van Berkel/UNStudio and JeffPovlo/SCAPE (NL) and Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo/Studio 5+1AA (Italy).

A Joyful Sense of Work

A Joyful Sense of Work


32757964746_dc3e04acaf_oMeanwhile, a second event called DeLightFul, curated by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, will explore the portmanteau of Design, Light, Future and Living. And back for a second edition, the space&interiors event will put architectural finishes in the spotlight. Discover more about space&interiors in our coverage here.

DeLightFul event

DeLightFul event

You can also explore more about Salone del Mobile.Milano through their online platform as well as their social channels of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Flicker, which carry the latest information about the 2017 edition.

By Allie Shiell

Space&Interiors Returns to Milan April 4-8, 2017

Following the successful first edition that attracted over 8,000 professional visitors (30%of whom from overseas), we are looking forward to the return of space&interiors (April 4-8, 2017). Taking place concurrently with Milan Design Week, space&interiors is entirely focused on architectural finishes and is the only event linked with the Salone del Mobile.Milano3

The Mall Porta Nuova, in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District, is the venue of this visually stunning showcase for top-notch doors, handles, paint and decorating supplies, windows, wall coverings, finishes and interior architecture.

The experience of attending space&interiors is unique. Upon entering the display space, visitors will experience the entire show floor as a narrative that winds its way through different areas. A striking esplanade takes the visitor through three different yet seamlessly integrated areas: a purely commercial trade show with products on display in stands set up in accordance with a distinctive exhibition design look, a dynamic yet welcoming space to accommodate private business meetings, and a more immersive area housing a dynamic installation disclosing the characteristics and qualities of individual products. RAS_5764 - Copia

Exhibit Highlights:

This year, the ‘Absolute Lightness’ exhibit, created by Migliore+Servetto Architects will show how different manufacturers embed the concept of weightlessness into their products and solutions. Lightness has always been the cornerstone of architecture, insofar as it is a wellspring for sustainability, interactions with other materials, and light itself…….

The exhibit is driven by a narrative on three separate levels. One occupying the wide central promenade, where long white tables invite visitors to explore contents and products also via an interactive App designed specifically for this rare journey of discovery.
Behind reflective surfaces expanding the space and giving rise to entirely new dimensions, an intermediate level offers a more visual narrative with an array of quotes, specific pictures of products, and illustrations.

Furthermore, an exhibit entitled “La Luce del Marmo”, promoted by IMM, will focus on design as it ties in with the three themes running through the event: Carrara marble, lightness and light, as a means of imparting value to matter and form.


This year’s edition will feature some of the top names in architectural finishes today including: 2TEC2, Abet Laminati Spa, Arte, Barusse - Doors Made in Italy, Bianchi Lecco Srl, Jansen, Italia for Contract, Effebiquattro Milano, Lu-Bek Srl, Oikos Architetture D’Ingresso, Okey Srl, Oli Srl, Omexco, Renolit, Salice Paolo Srl, Vighi Security Doors Spa, Legnoform Srl and Fewood.


Watch this space in the upcoming months for more information on the presentation of these exhibitors!



Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair: A Showcase of the Best in Scandinavian Design

Today is the start of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair! Running February 7-11, it is the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design. Cecilia Nyberg, Project Area Manager of the fair, tells us a bit more about the event and what to watch out for in 2017.

Group shots

Archello: Could you tell us a bit about the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, in particular, its aims/goals as a design platform?
Cecilia Nyberg: We want to and maintain and develop it further as the largest and most important meeting place for Scandinavian design. We want to be a platform where we raise important questions for the industry as for example sustainability. We also aim to be Scandinavia´s display window of design and architecture abroad. We will continue to work for to develop the whole city of Stockholm as a design arena, with further development of Stockholm Design Week.

Archello:  What in your opinion makes Scandinavian design unique?
CN: Scandinavian design is the world´s leader in sustainability and circular economy. There is often focus on the function and a there is often a well thought through idea behind the products with awareness of the circular economy, regarding materials, transports, production process and so on.

Archello: Which designers and projects are you most excited about this year and why?
CN: We are excited about our own exhibitions – for example we have invited the Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon to make an installation, Swedish Note Design Studio has created  The Design Bar, which is a cross between an exhibition and a top-class restaurant.

Guest of Honour Installation

Guest of Honour Installation


The Design Bar

The Design Bar

And about our Trend Exhibition 2017/18, which has been created by stylist Lotta Agaton. It is always very interesting to see the young designers in Greenhouse, our hall for young promising designers.

SFF Trend Exhibition

SFF Trend Exhibition


Greenhouse: Breaking Surface by Sophie Hardy

Greenhouse: Breaking Surface by Sophie Hardy

Archello: What do you expect to see more of in 2017 in terms of design trends out of Scandinavia? 

We think that we will see even more of companies and designers working with sustainability and circular economy, taking responsibility in the production process, the use of materials, innovations and so on. We also think there will more collaborations between Swedish designers and foreign companies and vice versa.

Toronto Offsite Design Festival: Interview with Creative Director Deborah Wang

Celebrating the thriving Canadian design industry, the seventh edition of The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is taking place this week (January 16-22, 2017). Creative Director Deborah Wang tells Archello how this event came about, where it’s headed and gives us insight into some of the highlights.

Archello: Could you briefly describe the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and its goals/objectives as a platform?

DW: The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is Canada’s largest cultural celebration of design with over 100 exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week, January 16-22, 2017.

Our mission is to advance design and culture in Canada. For us, building a strong and vibrant design culture involves design and designers from outside Canada too. We also want to bridge the gap between design and community, i.e. connecting designers with the public, and vice versa. Our platform provides opportunities for designers to exhibit and talk about their work and research, for people to meet each other and build new relationships, and a welcoming space to test out new ideas, and get involved.

Archello: Are there any designs or designers that stand out to you this year?

DW: With hundreds of designs and designers, this is a difficult question to answer! One of our signature exhibitions ‘Compact Living’ stands out in that it showcases 11 new prototypes forcontemporary compact living, which is an important topic right now.


We are also excited to have Jamer Hunt, from the Parsons School of Design, give the keynote talk at our symposium on design and the pursuit of well-being. He is joined by 11 other speakers addressing well-being from social, medical, design and innovation perspectives.

In terms of getting a taste of design from many cities, our ‘Outside the Box’ exhibition is always a treat. This year we have boxes from 11 cities across Canada and the U.S., representing local design from Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, and Montreal, to name a few.


Archello: In what direction would you like to see TODO move in the future?

DW: TO DO has grown bigger than we ever could have imagined when we start the festival 7 years ago. It’s become an important platform for showcasing and talking about design. Additionally, through our own curated exhibitions and events, we’ve have provided exhibition and speaking opportunities to many artists, designers and researchers. We want to continue this programming, and build new programs with like-minded partners. Our annual Festival Week will continue to be a key part of what we do, but you may see us popping us in other places too.

You can gain a comprehensive oversight with detailed information about all of the events on this week in Toronto here.

And more highlights below:







A Preview of the Stockholm Furniture And Light Fair 2017

The most important week of the year for Scandinavian Design will take place in 2017 between February 7-11 at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Founded in 1951, this fair is a showcase of the latest innovations in interior design and lighting for both homes and public spaces. Held concurrently with Stockholm Design Week and the Stockholm Design Talks series, the fair not only showcases today’s top names and designers from Scandinavia and around the world, but also offers an opportunity to explore the works of smaller brands and emerging designers you wouldn’t get the chance to discover at other large shows. Explore below a preview of what the upcoming edition of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017 holds in store.

This year’s event will feature more than 700 direct exhibitors, 1,200 brands and 70,000 square meters of exhibition area, making it the world’s largest venue of Scandinavian design and the most prominent entry platform for the Nordic market. You can see the updated exhibitor list here. Alongside this, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair also offers a unique programme of exhibitions and seminars. This includes most notably the celebration of a Guest of Honour, the Trend Exhibition, both the Greenhouse and ESTABLISHED Exhibitions, as well as this year’s Design Bar, which is evocatively named ‘On Everybody’s Lips.’

Guest of Honour 2017 - Each year, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair invites a highly acclaimed international designer or design studio to create a lounge in Stockholmsmässan’s entrance hall. This year, the assignment has been awarded to Spanish designer Jaime Hayón, who have received international acclaim for their playful and colourful furniture, design and architecture.

Trend Exhibition 2017  – This is an exhibition we are particularly looking forward to with the intriguing theme of ‘Contrasts’. This year’s edition was created by stylist Lotta Agaton and the exhibition offers contrasts in materials and furniture as well as other surprising combinations. ‘Contrasts! That was the first thing to pop into my mind when I received the assignment. Contrasts in materials – shiny vs. matte, expensive vs. inexpensive – and even contrasts in furniture. I want to offer unexpected combinations. I will also work on creating a ‘room’ atmosphere, a cozy feeling, in the exhibition’s spaces. It should almost feel like you are visiting someone’s home even though it is a public space,’ says Lotta Agaton.

Greenhouse  – An inspiring opportunity to gain insight into today’s emerging design talent, Greenhouse offers a platform for new and unknown designers from all over the world. In 2016, Greenhouse welcomed an impressive 32 independent designers and 31 design schools. This year promises even more emerging talent with an exhibition conceived by Stockholm-based Form Us With Love.

ESTABLISHED - Alongside Greenhouse, comes the second edition of ESTABLISHED, a specific area for designers and design studios with a proven track record. The unique aim here is to promote diversity in the industry and encourage designers’ own small-scale production lines.

Design Bar “On Everybody’s Lips”Need to relax and indulge? A cross between an exhibition and a world-class restaurant, the assignment to create the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair this year has been awarded Note Design Studio, in cooperation with Isabella Morrone, Head Chef at ‘Mother’ in Stockholm. The studio explains that their goal is to create a space that feels warm, visual and attractive to everyone by creating what they describe as a temperate zone at the fair. The colour scheme will range from light pink to deep burgundy and the concept will be open to different design elements and offer varying spatiality.

The name of this Design Bar is Sulla bocca di tutti – meaning ‘on everyone’s lips.’  We understand this will be reflected not only in the warm design, but also in Chef Morrone’s menu, which will feature unexpected combinations from both Italian and Swedish kitchens. And of course taking place concurrently with the fair are Stockholm Design Talks 2017 and Stockholm Design Week.

Note Design Studio are the creators of this year's Design Bar

Note Design Studio are the creators of this year’s Design Bar

Stockholm Design Talks 2017 - For the fourth consecutive year, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is arranging Stockholm Design Talks, the fair’s own forum for knowledge and discussions within the area of design, which will highlight hot topics and projects that are happening now.

Stockholm Design Week 2017 - Launched in 2002, Stockholm Design Week is a landmark event for the Scandinavian design industry but also for all lovers of design. The event draws a global elite in design and architecture to see the latest in furniture and lighting. The Week features numerous showroom, open houses cocktail and dinner parties, as well as ‘after fair’ meetings and top talent coming out of design schools. It is also a great opportunity to take in the city of Stockholm itself, with the official guide of Stockholm Design Week, suggesting the bests shopping, restaurants and bars. In short, a great opportunity to emerge yourself in the world of Scandinavian design and the local culture of this dynamic Nordic metropolis. You can check out the calendar of events during Stockholm Design Week from February 6-12 at

We hope to see you in Stockholm!