Photographer: Jan Paul Mioulet, DAPh

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 11 November, 2014 – Archello, the international platform for architecture and design, announces outstanding results after being present at three editions of ARCHITECT@WORK.

Archello is proud to announce its treble win with its media partner ARCHITECT@WORK, the international trendsetting products and materials exhibition for architects and interior designers.

The exhibition is based on a unique concept, where selected exhibitors showcase their latest innovative products, materials, applications, and services at a standardized stand to architects, interior designers, engineers and professionals from architecture and design community.

Archello is meeting over 50,000 architects around the globe during sixteen editions of ARCHITECT@WORK. Archello’s network is exponentially growing and giving the exclusive opportunity to manufacturers to be noticed by architecture and design community of the highest expertise.

ARCHITECT@WORK is an exclusive event for architects and interior designers, which travels around the world and has already been in the Netherlands, France and Germany.  After the successful completion of three editions of ARCHITECT@WORK, Archello’s website has been generating substantial increase, in addition to the increase in numbers of our newsletter subscribers.

Meeting industry peers during the event, Archello managed to collect feedback throughout ARCHITECT@WORK Paris edition:

“A great networking event that gathers architecture and design professionals, introducing you to the latest product releases and trends. These inspiring two days gave me the opportunity to meet Archello, a high profile platform on which I will definitely consider publishing my work.” Raphael Bouchemousse, CEO ID-wad ARCHI


“ARCHITECT@WORK is an excellent networking opportunity that provides architects with the latest trends in the architecture and design industry. At the same time Archello is the perfect place where I can browse and filter different products allocated in preferred categories – products which can be of a great use in my projects.” Venislav Vasilev, Director Futura Wood

In the upcoming year you can meet Archello in one of the sixteen editions of ARCHITECT@WORK located in eleven different countries, choose your preferred location and join us for a live conversation.

For more information about the upcoming events, please visit www.architectatwork.eu.


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