Can your workspace adapt to your stress levels? At the 2017 edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano (April 4-9), UNStudio and SCAPE have joined forces with a multidisciplinary team of experts to answer this question with their Responsive Emotional Transformation (RESET) pod, one of the four exhibitions comprising ‘Work 3.0 – A Joyful Sense of Work.’ ©SCAPE_Visitor Flow

Designed to empower people to deal with stress more effectively, the aim of the RESET pod is to determine through the experience of visitors during this year’s Salone which stress reduction methods work best for different individuals. Its purpose within the within the workplace will be demonstrated and the benefits for office workers will be investigated and presented.Sound-Intimacy renderings copy

An immersive structure, the pod incorporates input from a neuroscientist, technologist/interaction design and an ambient intelligent technology integrator.

What is Ambient Intelligence (AmI)?

Ambient intelligence refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. By linking biosensors to the physical space, the experiment tests what types of responsiveness can provide value to people. Here, the encapsulated space of RESET integrates sensors that will trace visitors’ response to the stress reduction experiences and provide real-time ‘factual’ feedback. Two of six scientifically proven stress reduction methods have been selected for the purpose of the exhibition at the Salone. Visitors will be invited to experience and test the active versus passive experience.

Why Design Matters?

Work-related stress is the second most frequently reported work-related heath problem in Europe. Stress is in fact a factor in 50 to 60% of all lost work days (According to the European Risk Observatory Report, 2015, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work). Withinout prevention, stress in the work environment will no doubt continue to be a huge financial burden on the overall healthcare system – affecting not only companies, schools, governmental institutions and most of all, people’s quality of life.

Using design to benefit human health on multiple levels is one of the most important things that architecture can contribute”, Ben van Berkel of UNStudio says.“Stress is one of the essential issues we need to tackle in today’s workplace.”

In addition to UNStudio and SCAPE, this project was developed thank to a multidisciplinary team involving Dr. Teresa de Sanctis (PhD Neuroscientist/experience design and optimisation), Jurjen Söhne (Ambient Intelligence technology integration) and Diederik Veelo (Technologist/Interaction design).Reset_Exterior_UNStudio_Scape4

Sound-Intimacy renderings copyFor more information about Salone del Mobile.Milano, visit the website here.