Hi all,

I am the head designer at Archello and this is my first post on the blog.

I would like to explain a little about the redesign of Archello’s icon. After many internal discussions we decided our icon, but not our logo, needed a refresh. To change our logo requires a whole new branding strategy, which we believe was not necessary. We designed the new icon to coincide with the launch of Archello 3.0.

The Old Icon

The old icon contained the two H’s, found in the Archello logo. This was originally designed to compliment the logo, as a sort of side kick. Since then, in my opinion, the icon has become as equal to or more important than the logo of a brand. The icon has overall a greater exposure; on social media, as a favicon and as an app icon. Most of the social media channels name the brand using their own style and text, therefore the name of the brand is not necessary in the icon. It is also not necessary to create an icon that directly compliments the logo. The most important opportunity for the icon is to create something that is memorable, which relates to the brand and is appreciated by your audience.


The New Icon

The new icon looks very simple but before we finalised on this design at least 20 versions were made. This allowed us to experiment and see what worked best with a number of different test persons. It is kept simple for the main reason that it needs to be recognizable even when scaled to 16×16 px as a favicon. The Archello colour scheme is emphasized, the Archello blue is strongly used as the background colour. The long shadow was introduced for a number of reasons. It raises from the bottom like a skyscraper, relating to architecture. It represents movement and progression, Archello aims to present all the world’s latest projects and products. The design is contemporary and progressive, like Archello’s content.


If you have any feedback or comments, I would love to hear them.


We’re introducing one themed collection every week to be curated by a leading architect or curator in their field. So far our guest curators have been MVRDV, A10 Magazine and FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise. Listed in order they curated collections on Young Dutch Talent, Visionary Lofts and Los Arquitectos Mexicanos.

The three collections so far.

The aim of each collection is to provide an online exhibition of projects and/or products that best represent a current trend or theme in the industry of architecture and design. Some examples of upcoming collections are: Parametricism Takes Over, Robots Building Stuff and Made in China. Watch out for these coming up this year.

Every week the Archello editorial team sits down to discuss what they think are current trends. Once we decide a collection we then go about selecting a curator. The criteria for each curator is that they must be a leader in their field which is related to the theme. For example an upcoming collection titled “Interactive Lighting” is to be curated by Studio Roosegaarde, who in 2012 won the Media Architecture Award. This does not mean that we only choose well known designers or journalists to be curators. In fact we’re aiming to balance well known designers with some great up and coming thinkers.

Previously Archello’s editors curated the weekly collections. We decided to replace this with real experts. Archello is a platform where the content is generated by our thousands of users. We felt it was only right that the collections were also curated by our users, instead of Archello’s editors.  Now the editorial team is the go between and researcher for each curator.

Collections on homepage

With each collection the curator provides a short editorial, giving an insight to their choice of projects and/or products. It is also an opportunity for them to highlight areas of development and critique.

We’d like to invite designers, architects, journalists and experts to get in touch if they would like to curate a collection. Please email editorial@archello.com with a suggested theme for curation. We would love to hear from you.


Today is an accumulation of 1 and a half years work by the Archello team. We’re very proud to announce Archello 3.0, the new way to discover architecture and design.

More information will follow by me and the team. For the time being here is our press release…


The new way to discover architecture and design


 Archello 3.0 introduces a personal curated stream of projects and products from the world’s architects and designers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 2, 2013 - Archello (www.archello.com), the platform for architecture and design, has introduced a number of new features to the site.  Users can now curate their own stream of projects and products from their favourite companies in the industry.  Bookmarking their favourite content is now possible, so that users can refer back to it for inspiration or use in their own projects. Each week a collection based on a current theme in the industry will be presented on the site and curated by a distinguished  person or practice.

The Stream - More than 27,500 companies use Archello to present their work – from world renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, MVRDV and SOM to building manufacturers such as Interface, FLOS and MOSA. Users can ‘follow’ them and receive their latest updates in their personal ‘stream’ which performs like a newsfeed.

 “The Stream allows users to take the best bits from Arc­­­hello’s global platform and put them on a personal and local level. For example, they can now follow companies in their country and get a stream of only regional projects and products.” - Martijn Postmus, CEO


Bookmarks – A new bookmarking functionality has been implemented. Whilst browsing the platform users can bookmark their favourite content for future reference. This can be used by creatives when looking for inspiration and solutions.


Curated Collections – Each week Archello’s editorial team will select a current theme in the industry and ask a curator from a distinguished firm or specialism to provide a selection of projects or products to present an informed outlook on that theme. A short editorial by the curator will compliment the collection. Example collections are: Ultra Minimal Japan, Interactive Lighting and Printed Façades. The first collection is curated by MVRDV, titled ‘Young Dutch Talent’. Link to first collection:  http://www.archello.com/en/stories?tag=Young%20Dutch%20Talent


Notes to editors
Archello is the platform for architecture and design, where you can discover and present the world’s projects and products. Archello’s mission is to connect the whole built environment and make the industry more transparent and efficient. The company is the sister company to Architectenweb, the largest website for architecture in the Netherlands.


Press images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xw2mr9hgavmdbpp/UeOnk1mtfR

URL: http://www.archello.com/en

Press contact: Mark Studholme, + 31 (0) 35 699 30 55, mark.studholme@archello.com

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